Dave Hogg

Subject: Photos of the garden
Good Morning Ghada and family (Mary and Tony)
Thought that after so many months it was time to send you the photos of mom’s garden. Really I didn’t forget,  really!
It was so hard for mom the last time we saw you, after leaving the second time mom had a few tears, saying “That was the last time she would see you all”
I tried to tell her that we will see you again before we leave, even after we move we’ll come down to get the plants and trees (little trees Ghada, “LITTLE ONES”)
I will have to come up to see you in the next week or so, until then take care and be good.
Dave Hogg and Mommy Joandave hogg 6 dave hogg 5 dave hogg 4 dave hogg 3
Dave Hogg