I love going to Tristar Nurseries and Ocean Florists. The service is stellar, the staff members are friendly, helpful and well informed about the wide selection in the nursery and garden sections. The florists create stunning arrangements for any occasion at a reasonable price. I absolutely love the “rent a Christmas tree” option. Why cut down a tree for Christmas when you can rent one! The “natural” blueberries are delicious. This is my go to place when it comes to blueberries, flowers, gardening and nurseries needs.

My husband and I visited Tri-Star Nurseries yesterday because they carry two particular perennials we have been searching for and haven’t been able to find anywhere else, and I have to say it was worth the drive from Kits to Surrey! The place is like a flora oasis naturally merchandised with exquisite varieties. Owners Ghada and Tony were knowledgeable, warm and friendly, it was as if they welcomed us to their home rather than a storefront. Ghada, despite having other customers, was very helpful, patient and generously shared her expertise to help us make the proper selection and all with a smile. Just want to put this out there and encourage you to take a trip to Tri-Star and visit Ghada and Tony. You won’t be disappointed.

Alex & Suzi Testimonial for your website.


Tri-Star Nurseries is a real friendly nursery that meets all my needs. Whenever I go there, the staff meet me with a smile, and a welcome that makes it feel personal more than just another customer. The staff is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, passionate about their business, helpful and always ask the right questions to meet my specific requirement. They offer suggestions based on my individual taste and need.

They are very professional and the variety of products makes this a one-time stop, without having to go to other locations to find what I need. They have some very innovative programs, especially their Christmas tree program, one that is designed to save trees and is environmentally friendly. Excellent idea! I find their prices are very reasonable and they are very community minded. I would recommend them to anyone!

Sam Sarophim



Our experience with Tri-Star Nurseries was pleasant and the help we received professional.  A pleasure to go to and “smell the roses!”  Their inventory is varied and well cared for.  Our trees that we transplanted to Richmond grew and flourished.  One lilac tree was so beautiful, my daughter took it to her new home. All good and a delight to deal with.

Mar 13, 2013, Surrey

This nursery is special cause it’s off the beaten track so service is great and the pricing is very reasonable. Selection is fantastic with lots of specialty items as well as the basics. They even have a floral section which can cater to events such as weddings or what have you. Ask for Ghada !

Tri-Star its like all inclusive trip… good products.nice people that serve u with passion . very pro staff with knowledgeable advices..I would recommend them.. all my back and front yard trees and shrubs are from them … cheers

Tarek Haddad



The plants I bought look great – thanks for your help today.

Hilary Milner

Subject: Photos of the garden
Good Morning Ghada and family (Mary and Tony)
 Thought that after so many months it was time to send you the photos of mom’s garden. Really I didn’t forget,  really!
It was so hard for mom the last time we saw you. After leaving the second time mom had a few tears saying “That was the last time she would see you all”
I tried to tell her that we will see you again before we leave, even after we move we’ll come down to get the plants and trees (little trees Ghada, “LITTLE ONES”)
I will have to come up to see you in the next week or so, until then take care and be good.
Dave Hogg and Mommy Joan
dave hogg 1
Dave Hogg
dave hogg 2
Dave Hogg
dave hogg 3
Dave Hogg
dave hogg 4
Dave Hogg
dave hogg 5
Dave Hogg
dave hogg 6
Dave Hogg
dave hogg
Dave Hogg

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