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20 Acres of Trees, shrubs, ground cover & more Nursery, Garden Center & Florist. 
Serving Cloverdale, Surrey, South Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Squamish & Whistler  since 1984.

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We are a Green Nursery. We watch for the environment in our day to day practice and implement this philosophy in what we offer.

  • Christmas tree rental program. SAVE A TREE – RENT A TREE.
  • We grow and sell, u-pick, 100% naturally grown Blueberries. No chemicals applied. Look for Tri-Star Nursery events in July and August.
  • Our 20 Acres operation is biologically controlled. We do not use pesticides or herbicides on the property.
  • Our bulk soil and mulch are totally made of natural material, tested regularly by local laboratories and approved by Landscape architects for use on residential & commercial projects. more info
  • When it comes to service, our customers come first   Like us on Facebook   
  • We do our best to accommodate our customers requests. We offer plants at below market price. Our unique items are  specimen trees ready for instant mature landscaping installation. 
  • We love to offer help in garden design and techniques. Take advantage of our over 30 years experience. It is FREE.
  • No matter how large or small your landscaping project is, we are capable to handle it. Delivery and installation services are available to you from our sister company.
  • We appreciate fellow tradesmen and women business. We strive to help them.  Tri-Star Nursery offers discounts on plant material to landscape professionals.
  • Tri-Star Nursery periodically offers specials and sales on plant material and garden accessories and decorative pots. Please visit our Google page. Look for updated specials & new arrivals. 

Tri-Star Nursery is well known for good Quality plant material. i.e. Hanging Baskets, perennials, annuals, fruit trees, flowering trees, palm trees, hedging material, evergreen trees and ground cover. We have them all. Prices? “Grower’s pricing direct to you.” 

This is the front parking / entrance area of Tri-Star Nursery Garden Center & Florist at springtime
Inside the Garden Center. Hanging baskets, shrubs, bulbs, climbers plants and ground covers.
We grow top quality Rhododendrons. Available in 1 foot to 5 feet high. Lush green, healthy blooming.
We grow a excellent variety of small and large healthy trees suitable for any garden landscaping.

 We Grow, Deliver & Plant  Mature Specimen Trees for instant landscaping, parks developments and trees replacements. Maples & Oaks, 10 cm caliper and larger. Spruce, Douglas Fir & Eastern white pine 6 m high and larger.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 14 feet cedars are available. Contact us for more details.
A variety of grasses and decorative pots for indoor and outdoor decor.


All sizes of hardy palm trees. One foot and up to 10 feet.
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“Member of the BC Landscape & Nursery Association”

This is the place for homeowners who are starting or renovating their landscaping, landscape professionals, home builders and contractors.

Tri-Star Nursery supplies quality and unique plant material, bagged & bulk soils, bark mulch and aggregates. 

Delivery and Installation Services are available.

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at 604 576 6732  or  email

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Come and visit Our Garden Center and Florist in Historic Cloverdale or call us604 576 6729  to place your Fresh Flowers order or Click HERE to visit our Oceana Florists website and securely order online.


This is how we look!

Tri-Star Nursery shrubs section. Endless selection of varieties and sizes to suit your taste and budget.
Trees fall colour “Red Sunset Maple” at Tri-Star nursery.
Mature Large trees ready for instant landscaping at Tri-Star Nursery.
Colour contrast. Burning bush in red and blue spruce. Yellow / orange background. Come and visit Tri-Star Nursery and see for yourself.
2014 05 04 001
Our hanging baskets are uniquely lush and full of dazzling colors. Contact us At Tri-Star Nursery to order ahead of time.
2014 05 04 036
Tri-Star Nursery Hanging Baskets ready for your house early spring.
2014 05 04 035
Perfect pink hanging baskets. No compromise when it gets to quality. Find them at Tri-Star nursery.
2014 05 04 031
lily-of-the-valley shrub (Pieris Japonica) A useful shrub for shady parts of the garden, Pieris is often grown under taller broad-leaved evergreen trees. Most striking when it is adorned with white, pink, or nearly red flowers in late winter to early spring, it stays attractive throughout the year thanks to its glossy dark green foliage. Since it is taller than it is wide (to an eventual 9 by 6 feet), it’s a suitable choice for somewhat narrow spaces. It grows slowly, so start with plants in 15- or 5-gallon containers. At Tri- Star nursery you will find a good selection and different sizes of Pieris. 
2014 05 04 022
Contrast of shades of greens. Small trees on standard and bright color of Magic Spirea Looking for an attractive, dwarf spirea? The Magic Carpet Spirea is just the thing for you. It features bright golden to lime green foliage with vibrant red leaf tips. Cluster of deep pink flowers add to the colorful display in the summer. In fall, It is a delightful shrub to add to any landscape. Look for Spireas at Tri-Star Nursery.
2014 05 04 042
Tri-Star Nursery hanging basket of made of the Top flowering plants for Hanging baskets Petunia. Portulaca. Geranium. Fuchsia. Impatiens. Lantana. Begonia. Sweet Alyssum.

Tri-Star Nursery & Garden Center Services

 Tri-Star has been serving the Greater Vancouver area for well over 30 years selling exquisite gardening and landscaping items at competitive prices.

The products meet our customers needs with total satisfaction. Tri-Star Nurseries provides top quality landscape materials and gardening plants. These enhance and bring about improvements for gardening and landscaping projects. Here at Tri-Star, gardening enthusiasts have never ending possibilities for beautifying their gardens and yards. At Tri-star Nursery, an individual’s needs are understood too. Everything that one needs to create the perfect landscape is available. Tri-Star Nursery makes it easy for gardening fans to acquire everything from the perfect trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and oriental foliage to the most exclusive landscape materials that one might require.  when it comes to premier landscape supplies, they are all available here at Tri-Star Nursery & Landscape Supplies. Bark mulch, sand & aggregates are available. Gardening enthusiasts will find this to be a dependable company for fulfilling all gardening needs. Satisfaction of the products here is backed by the Tri-Star guarantee with excellent customer service.

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